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Buy-To-Lets: Services

GCI Markets have an exclusive portfolio of Buy-to-Let opportunities waiting for the right investors. Buy-to-Let is one of the most popular reasons for individuals looking to invest. It has been seen as a safe haven for many years due to the tangibility of the asset and also the capital gains that can be made on resale. Whether you are looking for short term rental gains or long-term capital growth, owning a property gives you multiple options to consider when investing.

We have a number of Buy-to-Lets available across the Country and have targeted these specific locations:​

Our Portfolio

London & Commuter Belt

Prices from £120,000 to £600,000

Yields of 4% to 6%

St Albans, Luton, Stevenage, Peterborough, Slough

East Of England

Prices from £185,000 to £300,000
Yields of 4% to 6%

Norfolk, Cambridge, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire

North Of England

Prices from £105,000 to £350,000
Yields of 5% to 7%

Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Yorkshire, Leeds


Prices from £90,000 to £400,000
Yields of 4% to 7%

Birmingham, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire

Commercial JV Opportunity

Minimum entry £500,000 for profit shares of up to 50%

Please get in touch to discuss.

Commercial Developments

UK Based

Large commercial developments available across the UK. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

Student Accommodation

UK University Locations

Tangible, hands-off studio apartments from £65,000 + Yields of 7 - 10%

International Properties Available

Worldwide Locations

Prices from £120,000 +

Yields from 5%+

Buy-To-Lets: Portfolio

Another advantage is that costs from your rental can be offset against tax. This keeps your business expenditure even lower, and you can enjoy even more profits.

All available opportunities will also benefit from the following:

  • High-Yields: Earn the highest returns possible on our selection of properties

  • Fully managed: All properties come with management to give you a hands-off investment

  • Cash or mortgage purchases: You can buy with either cash or fund up to 70% with a buy-to-let mortgage

  • Completed or Off Plan: If you are looking for immediate rental income our completed options would be ideal, however we also cover off-plan properties that allow you to pay off your initial deposit over the course of the build

  • Furniture Packs: Option to purchase the best spec furniture packs to maximise your income

  • Designated parking spaces: Parking spaces are in high-demand and add value to your property

  • Long term capital growth: All properties selected have strong proof of uplift upon resale

What is a buy-to-let property?

A buy-to-let property is a medium to long term investment opportunity which generates income through rent after the property has been purchased. When the property is sold, it is done so with commercial gain in mind – meaning that sellers make a profit on the house purchase. One of the main advantages to buying a buy-to-let property, is that investors are easily able to cover mortgage payments by income they are receiving, and when bought in high areas of demand such as London, they are relatively low risk.

Most buy-to-let property owners are interested in either making additional income to supplement an existing salary (generally, these investors have just one or two properties), or use them as their main source of income by owning a portfolio of properties. There are benefits to each type, and the option chosen is often dictated by the amount of funding each investor has. To learn how this can be done most effectively for you, contact GCI Markets and you could be making a key investment in UK property today.

Pros and cons

As with any reason for purchasing commercial property, there are pros and cons when making an investment. Buy-to-let properties in the key major UK Cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other areas of high demand allow you to earn income whilst the property value increases. As your mortgage decreases, other expenses can be easily accounted for and a comfortable profit can be made. 

Furthermore, there is a huge rental market across the Country at present, and the demand strongly outweighs the supply. Large numbers of people wishing to rent are regularly available and there will almost always be opportunities for you to rent out the property. 

If you would like to see a list of available opportunities, please get in touch below so we can discuss your current requirements.

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